What To Look For In A Supplement!

They say you are what you eat and what’s key to a healthy body is what you put into it. Treat your body like a car, your brain being the engine and so on and so forth. It can only be functioning efficiently if you’re putting the right kind of nutrients. You can’t put CNG into a Ferrari! No matter how good the car is, what matters is what you put into it.

That’s why Belle Vie’s range of essential supplements and Multivitamins including Mirth (strengthened from 100% Pure Himalayan Silajit and Natural Herbs), DOC-A (enriched with Vitamin A), ROSE-C (enriched with Rose Hips & Vitamin C), D-One (enriched with Vitamin D3), Zink (The goodness of zinc) and Nutriful (the complete Multivitamin) are formulated with the vital Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants you need for your body to be in it’s best shape and state of mind!

Why should you take a supplement?

Researches have shown most of us under consume a large amount of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s crucial that you target these deficiencies with additional supplementation – especially if you have a busy schedule and have a hard time maintaining a complete diet and getting the proper amount of micronutrients from whole foods. A great way to do that is through a multivitamin!

It’s important to stress that a multivitamin should not substitute a healthy diet. Look to a multivitamin as a useful way to provide additional micronutrient support

The Benefits of Supplementation

To keep your body performing to it’s best self and keeping your mental health in check, it’s important to have the right amount of micronutrients in, that’s why Belle Vie’s Nutriful is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin A, C, D3 and Zinc with Rose Hips and Citrus Bioflavonoids which according to research are the most under consumed micronutrients in our daily diet while they remain essential for our body to fight against chronic diseases, a stable mental health, metabolism and bodily functions. That’s why Nutriful is the right choice to give you the complete micronutrient and vitamin package, in a single dose!

Here’s how a single tablet of Nutriful can help you in your daily life!

Healthy Aging- As we age, our nutritional needs increase. At the same time, it gets harder for the body to absorb nutrients. Medications can further deplete our body of nutrients. A multivitamin can offset these deficiencies.

Reduces Cancer Risk- Vitamin use has been associated with a decreased risk of some cancers. Studies have shown that daily multivitamin supplementation significantly reduces the risk of total cancer.

Healthy hair, teeth, bones and skin– New research says look for Vitamin D3, Zinc, Rose Hips, Vitamins B3 (Niacin), biotin, and Vitamin C for fuller hair. For healthy skin, look for Vitamins A &C.

Feel better– Thanks in large part to the Vitamin B family, taking a multivitamin is associated with a boost in energy levels, feelings of well being, as well as a decrease in stress and anxiety. This alone, makes it worth staying   with the Nutriful routine.

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