Silajit: The Holy Grail of Male Vitality!

When you’re a man, especially the man of the house taking responsibility for everyone and anyone around you, life is bound to get stressful. Whether you’re a student, seeking employment, hitting your mid-life peak or starting the golden days of retirement. If you’re a male, your life has its fair share of worries, responsibilities and stress. This is where most men ignore themselves for the worries and responsibilities they shoulder over themselves, taking a toll on their immunity, vitality and their daily performance.

According to the The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, a sedentary lifestyle paired with stress and expectations to perform at their best is the leading cause for Male Depression and Hyper Tension, leading to Heart Attacks and Prostate Cancer.

When the road gets tough and stressful, your daily performance and vitality is the first to take a blow for the worse. With issues such as Erectile Dysfunction, depression, low stamina and a generally lethargic lifestyle is the most common issues amongst males which takes the joy out of your daily routine.

According to majority male experts, all this is preventable with a couple of lifestyle changes and a happy, energetic life full of vitality is not only possible, but should be the priority of every man.

While tracking your nutrition daily with hours of exercise might not be the easiest route for most males, especially if their lifestyle is extremely busy. Experts
recommend that through proper supplementation that have known benefits on male health such as SILAJIT, can vastly improve your lifestyle for a better, stronger immunity, improved vitality, stamina and mood!

But What Is Silajit?

Here’s all you need to know about Pure Himalayan Silajit, Mirth’s core ingredient.

Where Did it Come From?

The first mention of Silajit comes from 3000-year-old Indian texts. It’s been used in traditional Indian medicine, called Ayurveda. The ancient Indians believed that it could cure diseases and treat pain. That’s why Mirth is prepared with 100% Natural Herbs and Pure Himalayan Silajit with Quality Control approval from The DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority Of Pakistan), so you get the Himalaya’s best kept secret with the best in quality control in every capsule!

Here are some of the benefits of Mirth made with Pure Himalayan Silajit and 100% Natural Herbs:

It Has Anti-Aging Properties

Silajit has Fulvic Acid incorporated in it which helps your cell walls absorb minerals, get rid of dead cells and flush your system to slow down the process of aging, getting rid of toxins and helping cell regeneration.

It Boosts Energy & Helps Your Immunity

Have you ever been feeling sluggish and tired mid-day? It can be hard to stay motivated and get your work done efficiently. However, Silajit has been known to boost energy and revitalize the body. it actually heightens the function of mitochondria throughout your body. This helps them work harder to produce more energy, and it can improve stamina over time.

Boosts Testosterone Production & Your Daily Drive!

No man desires a low testosterone level however, it’s one of the most common issues in males of all ages. The principal sign of low testosterone is a weak sexual drive. Others include hair loss, fatigue, increased weight, and loss of muscle mass. While also known as the “ALL Natural Viagra”, Silajit has been traditionally used for millenniums for sex drive and libido, providing an impressive solution to all sex-related problems men face. Frequently used in erectile dysfunction, it’s main aim is to increase the sperm count and enhance sexual life.

So if you’re looking for the All Male Supplement that can keep your lifestyle, health and vitality always at peak, get DRAP approved Mirth made with 100% Pure Himalayan Silajit and Natural Herbs!

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