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About Us

Belle Vie is the FIRST manufacturer of natural supplements in Pakistan that is dedicated to developing a full range of wellness products for multiple market segments, with a strong focus on exporting to international markets as well. With a vision to bring a positive change in the lives of our customers, Belle Vie is all set to become leading manufacturer of the most extensive range of nutra products for customers based both in Pakistan and in the international market.


Currently, our product range which is ready for local distribution and worldwide distribution includes, but is not limited to:

  • Herbal derivatives
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

At Belle Vie, we understand that our sedentary lifestyles can trigger several health concerns. With hectic schedules leading our lives, we follow poor routines and eating habits that lead to health issues in the long run. If this is what you are struggling with as well, then our range of nutra products
is just what you need to enjoy a more fulfilling and healthy life. All Belle Vie supplements elevate health and optimize biological functions to bring about a notable change without causing ANY side effects.

Inspired by nature and dedicated to quality and innovation, we at Belle Vie wish to help our
customers live life to the fullest without a worry about their health. Quality is our prime concern. This
is the reason why we use quality, international level ingredients at our state-of-the-art production
facility and follow stringent quality control procedures.  Our products are not just meant for adults,
but children too to ensure that our younger generation receives the right nutritional value and enjoys
healthy growth. Most importantly, our products are fully certified and approved by the concerned
authorities, both locally and internationally.


As a well-being enthusiast, my sole concern is that people should start making healthy life choices and supplement their bodily functions by using natural health supplements. Let’s face it – not only do we live
sedentary lifestyles; our hectic schedules deem it impossible for us to consume foods that can fulfill our daily nutritional requirements. This can lead to severe health issues and complications in the long run. The best means of avoiding these health concerns is to make use of natural health supplements that positively impact your body and fulfill your nutritional requirements.

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As the CEO of Belle Vie, I can vouch for the quality of our products, all of which are manufactured at our advanced facility using high grade, natural ingredients. This is, what we believe, the number one element that will help us build trust and gain recognition in the global market. Here’s to living a healthy life full of vibrancy and an active approach towards maintaining our well-being!


We aim to be an indispensable contributor to people’s health. Inspired by our core philosophy, Focus & Rulz pharmaceutical and Saakh pharmaceuticals creating new products for better health. Our nutraceutical products support the daily maintenance and improvement of health, our venture will help Pakistanis not only in-maintaining their health but also economically.

Currently the brand Belle Vie has five products designed to help support the immune system. Nutriful, a daily multivitamin, Rose C supplement, One D, a vitamin D supplement, DOC A a vitamin A supplement and ZINK a zinc supplement. 

In order to continue to respond to the needs of people to maintain good health, we leverage science-based research and creativity, the two pillars or our DNA, and keep one step ahead of emerging challenges in an ever-changing society.

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Our mission is to become a leading manufacturer of the most extensive range of quality natural products and supplements. Helping our customers enjoy a healthy lifestyle is our number one priority.


We hold a strong vision to bring a positive change in the lives of our customers by promoting wellness. Our products are aimed at helping our customers enrich their lives with international standard health supplements.


The values that are given utmost importance at Belle Vie to ensure the long-term success of the brand


Consistency – Maintaining consistency in the quality as well as the distribution and supply of our products is of utmost priority for us at Belle Vie.

Quality – We only use the finest quality natural ingredients to ceaselessly deliver top-of-the-line
health supplements that guarantee the best results in terms of enhancing bodily functions and performance.

Improvisation – We believe in constantly researching and improving our product range to ensure that our customers receive the best results in the long run.


Belle Vie was formed with the single aim to help our customers enjoy a healthy life by benefitting from the quality ingredients used to prepare our supplements. Our number one priority is to ascertain that we uphold the highest nutritional supplement formulation standards to benefit customers based not just in Pakistan, but across the world. Providing natural ingredients that alleviate bodily functions and enhance health in the long run is the reason behind Belle Vie’s existence.


Belle Vie is a brain child of two well-known and established concerns, Focus & Rulz Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd and Saakh Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Limited. We are one of the leading local manufacturers of natural supplements in the market offering full range of wellness products equivalent to many other foreign brands available in terms of quality and composition.  Our supplement range of multivitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Zink are DRAP approved and contain 100% natural ingredients with no side effects.  At Belle vie, we understand that a sedentary lifestyle can trigger several health concerns. A hectic and stressful lifestyle means poor routines and bad eating habits. These are detrimental to our health in the long run. Therefore, our range of nutra products, which promise a complete dosage of multivitamins, is just what you need to enjoy a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle. Now, with an extensive range of world-class natural products prepared at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Belle Vie is all set to become a household name both in the Pakistani and
international markets.